About CRA

Clinical Research Associates was founded with the idea that researchers shouldn't have to take away valuable time from their existing patients to recruit new ones. That is where we come in!

Here at CRA we offer a broad range of services from handling inbound and outbound call volume and prescreening candidates, to enlarging your existing patient database.

Our representatives have multiples of years experience in working with various trials and studies, and we always thoroughly train our people on the new information in this ever changing profession. We want to make sure that we are always up to date

CRA has developed a relationship with Bio-Optronics to provide patient recruitment and appointment scheduling for their valued clients that utilize Clinical Conductor. We access existing patient files and generate new patient files in an effort to qualify candidates for various studies. We facilitate the pre-screening process for our clients to qualify quality patients that best fit each study.

In 2013 CRA introduced a new tool to it's clients, PaidMedTrials.Com. Paid Med Trials is a website with database integration features. Utilizing this unique web application we can widen our clients patient databases, and also better find suitable candidates for patient recruitment.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Recruitment

Flexible hours allowing research clients to increase or decrease the amount of recruitment as necessary (with studies opening and closing all the time, you can avoid laying off, firing, or finding "busy work" for in-house recruiters)

Research clients can pay for services through marketing/advertising budget, which decreases/eliminates recruitment expense (can't be done with in-house recruiters)

With no in-house recruitment, research facilities avoid paying payroll taxes, benefits, holidays, vacation, supervising, turnover, etc...

Existing knowledge of various study management systems eliminate the need to train new in-house employees on your system

Ability to work both nights and weekends no matter what time zone (eliminates need to find recruiters and supervisors to work difficult hours)

Allows coordinators and all in-house staff to solely focus on patients and increasing patient care instead of focusing valuable time on recruitment and screening

Free up coordinators time and allow them to do what they excel at and leave recruitment to us!